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2022 Summer Camps

BRFC is excited to announce our 2022 summer camps! During camp, we will cover the history of swords and swordsmanship leading up to modern Olympic fencing, technical drills, tactics, bout strategy, and fun games focused on improving reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Each camp will run for one week and will take place from 9:00-3:00. Camps are limited to 8 students per week. Visit our registration page here for more details on how to sign up.

Intro Camp

June 27 - July 1 (Coach Carney)

July 18 - July 22 (Coach Carney)

Our Introductory camps are designed to teach fencing from the ground up. We will cover about ten weeks’ worth of material in five days. The culmination of an intro camp will be a small tournament using full electric gear!

Price: $350

Beginner-Intermediate Camp

July 11 - 15 (Coach Sheynkman)

August 15 - 19 (Coach Sides)

The Beginner and Intermediate camps will focus on refining and building foundational and structural technique while also working on tactical refinement and tournament preparation.

Price: $350

Advanced Camp

August 8 - 12 (Coach Sides)

Our advanced camp is open to both advanced and intermediate fencers this year, and will feature instruction from guest coaches. 

Price: $400